Welcome to ECC 2017, Rollhouse, Ankara, Turkey

ECC 2017 - European Champions Cup will be held in Turkey and it is a great pleasure and honour for the Turkish Bowling Federation to host another ECC for the 3rd time.  The ECC 2017 will be held in Rollhouse Bowling Center – a very experienced bowling centre hosting 2 ECC, 1 MBC and numerous international and national events. The city of Ankara and the Rollhouse Center will be honoured to provide you memorable days of bowling and Turkish hospitality. We are looking forward to welcome you to Turkey.


Please click here to learn more about our event host; Rollhouse Bowling Center.


You can find the bulletins and forms here. We appreciate if you can fill the forms and send them according to our deadlines.


Bilkent Hotel is our official hotel that hosted many bowling guests before with their 235 rooms, Pool, garden, city views, “Akdeniz Mutfağı” Restaurant and The North Shield Pub.